Is the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre worth visiting?

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre just outside Sandakan, Malaysia is in Sepilok, and is located right next to the orang utan rehabilitation centre, so it makes sense to visit the 2 sanctuaries on the same day. The Sun Bear Conservation Centre isn’t cheap (for non-Malays) but I’d say it’s absolutely worth a… Continue reading

Indian Summers Season 2

I have no excuse.  No excuse whatsoever. A little under a year ago, in this very same blog, I shared with you my thoughts on Indian Summers, a TV drama that…well, let’s just say underwhelmed me totally. Hey, why mince words? I thought “Indian Summers” was absolutely terrible.  Truly terrible, despite… Continue reading

How good is the Anker Solar Charger?

It’s very good, to answer my own question. I have nothing but praise for the Anker portable solar charger. I bought it before I went climbing in the Himalayas 2 summers ago, and it worked brilliantly, charging mobile phones mainly, both mine and my fellow team member’s.  Even though there was… Continue reading

Reviewing the Kalenji hydration backpack

Running in Delhi’s killer summer heat means that hydration is beyond a must.  It is, without exaggeration, a lifesaver. I usually run with a handheld water bottle, but it doesn’t hold enough for the searing temperatures these days, so I have switched to using my Kalenji 2L backpack, and what… Continue reading

MOTHER’S DAY (on Mother’s Day)

This is a cute, feel-good, happy-ending film that belies the truly awful reviews it got.  Check the one in Time magazine –  ouch, it’s harsh. My daughter Anjulie took me to see it today, on Mother’s Day, and, given the reviews, we went expecting the worst. It is fluffy, entertaining, doesn’t… Continue reading


Hmmm… How strange to leave the cinema after watching the divine (& still dishy) Jeremy Irons and that nice young Dev Patel, and yet feel a little underwhelmed. “The man who knew infinity” is a lovely film, a nice film, but not, I fear, a great film. It is visually… Continue reading

A brilliantly located rental apartment in Rome

Disclosure time (& even my husband doesn’t know this). When looking online for a flat to rent for our stay in Rome earlier this month, I was looking for places which seemed well located for running.  I’m a brand new, totally enthusiastic runner, and this “choosing a location so that I… Continue reading

Where to stay in Venice for THE ultimate view? Altana Albachiara

We have just returned from THE most fabulous trip to Venice (for an equally fabulous family wedding) and we stayed at the ALTANA ALBACHIARA.  And loved it. There are, however, 2 things that have to be made clear at the outset. a) the view from the two rooftop terraces is absolutely… Continue reading