Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, what can one say about this shop ?

Actually, to be fair, the shop is fine – great location on the rue du Bac. Artistic displays of coffee capsules.  Free tastings of their new products – pity about the nasty plastic cups, though.  Surely they can run to proper cups and a good old-fashioned plongeur ?

But oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, the service…

Rarely have I seen such impersonal, unsmiling, condescending, off-hand service.

And these are from people selling coffee capsules, for goodness sake, not expensive jewellery or high-end cars.

You are selling coffee capsules, young lady at the door, remember that, I repeat, coffee capsules.

On a hot afternoon in late April, we went, 2 of us, to buy refills.  The sullen-looking young woman at the door brusquely told us there would be at least a 12 minute wait, and ordered us to stand in a queue.  The only reason I stayed was because I was travelling the next day and needed to take said capsules with me, otherwise I would have joined the 6 others I saw, who, when they were peremptorily told to wait, turned right round and left the shop.

Someone should remind the staff that they are part of a service industry, and a little smile never did anyone any harm.

Parisians – take my advice. Don’t waste your time in the rue du Bac.

Rather shop online.

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  1. You have summed it up in a nutshell – in all fairness, the rue Bonaparte shop has much better service; although the “uppity” and condescending attitude is not far away. The on-line shop is faster, more efficient and at least the computer doesn’t have “attitude”.

    Much love,


    robin silver

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