Where is a good chemist in south Delhi ?

Where is a good chemist in south Delhi ?

One of the joys of India are the local chemist shops.  There you can often buy one tablet rather than a whole blister pack, as you have to do in Europe, most of which you end up throwing away, or hoarding till well past its sell-by date.

Indian chemists sell everything and everything, and are expert at finding equivalent Indian versions of expensive foreign medicines, which are invariably far cheaper.

One such little place in south Delhi is “Ajay Enterprises”, a quiet, unpretentious chemist in the DDA Market in Shanti Niketan, in south Delhi.

Small, family run, and open from 9 am – 9 pm every day except Sunday, this efficient little chemist stocks everything you could possibly need, is knowledgeable about homeopathic medicines, and will deliver free within the neighbouring colonies. They also sell a wide range of toiletries, both imported and local.

They take credit cards, which is useful.

Ask for Anoop – he is the young man who runs the shop, and he couldn’t be more quietly helpful.

And lately they have started selling a few choice imported goodies, mainly of the chocolate variety, as an extra sideline – see below :

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