Visiting nurseries in Delhi is a real joy because, in an ever-more crowded and noisy city, most nurseries are luxuriously spread out, with an old-word feeling of space.  You can wander though greenhouses and under yards of shaded gardens, choosing your plants and trees, at you own pace, without any hustling or pressure to buy.

One such stalwart is Rajdhani Nursery in the pleasant south Delhi district of Jor Bagh.

Whether you require plant pots or packets of seeds, shade cloth or “lucky bamboo” shoot, Christmas trees or orchids, this nursery has it all.  They are brisk, knowledgeable, slightly off-hand in their service, and speedily efficient.  There is ample car parking space –  a rarity in itself in Delhi –  and for a few rupees, the staff will cheerfully load everything in your car for you.

Kar Bala
Jor Bagh,

New Delhi 110003
Phone : 011 24629199


Personal recommendation.

One word of warning –  Delhi’s idea of a Christmas tree may not be exactly what you expected, but it’s the best the city can offer.

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