Are these the best olives in Johannesburg ?

Are these the best olives in Johannesburg ?

Every Sunday morning, the otherwise completely ordinary rooftop parking lot of the Rosebank Mall becomes one of Johannesburg’s iconic markets.

Crafters, traders, performance artists, food stalls all spring up for the morning, the crowds pour in to eat and shop and wander, it is all a tad bohemian and great fun.

When we lived in Joburg, Rosebank Rooftop Market was a Sunday staple, and now, whenever we return on holiday, we aim for at least one Sunday morning in Joburg, just for the market.

There, we make a bee-line for traders we have patronised for years.

Such as Doreen, who sells what have to be THE most delicious olives in Johannesburg.

Her olives are fat and plump and well-stuffed – and not cheap, I must in all honesty warn you. But they are absolutely delcious.

We have been buying feta-stuffed olves and garlic-stuffed olives from Doreen for years, and on a visit to Rosebank last Sunday, we tried out a new product – olives stuffed with blue cheese.


Doreen also sells stuffed artichokes, which are a long-standing family favourite, and pestos, and ginger and all manner of utterly delicious treats.

Doreen and her husband can be found every Sunday, in 5th Avenue on the Rooftop Market, in the section where all the food stalls are, quite close to the Polish meat seller and next to the Indian spice seller.

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