MIAS ANGLING   Woodmead Johannesburg

MIAS ANGLING Woodmead Johannesburg

Mia’s angling store in Johannesburg’s Woodmead Shopping Centre, is a mecca for anglers.

A magnet for fishermen.

A lure for outdoors-y types, and any other clichés you may care to think of.

Trust me, I should know, having spent enough time there, watching my husband spend our retirement money on yet more rods and reels and lures and bags, and – listen up, here’s the latest purchase – a dinky little folding stool, lighter than the other folding stool he bought at Mia’s last year, and absolutely ideal for fishing from a coracle.

As one does.

Anyway, back to Mias.

They stock literally everything a fisherman could want, and then some.

They also have serious diving and scuba equipment, where I always hang out, to combat my personal fishing-shopping-boredom. They sell sports shoes and hats and maps. Loads of stuff.

But their absolute holy grail is fishing.

The sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly, without being in the least bit intrusive.  They offer advice, they advise, and they never push you to buy.  They stock local and imported makes of rods, and reels, and lures, and bait, and bags and boxes – you name it, Mias has it.

The details below are for the Woodmead store, which I know like the back of my hand.

011 804-4102/4
20 Waterval Crescent.
e-mail: info@miasangling.co.za

There are 4 other local branches in and around Jo’burg.

We’ve shopped there for years, we always pay our way and no-one has the slugfest idea that I blog or write reviews.


  1. hi

    i am urgently looking for n book the name is secrets of sea angling by nicky louwrens the afrikaans name is seehengelgeheime.

    can someone please get back to me.

    cell:072 630 2825

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