For the travelling coffee-a-holic (and I know you are out there) there is help available.

No more unpalatable instant coffee from your hotel room.

Nor, in desperation, is there any need to schlepp a travelling filter coffee maker.

The convenient, though admittedly slightly pricey, answer is Rombouts individual coffee filters.

10 in a box, they weigh virtually nothing at all, so don’t take up valuable weight in your luggage, and the coffee is genuinely good.

This system is ideal for camping, for budget hotels, for any form of cheap and cheerful travel, where you don’t want to pay through the nose for your caffeine fix. I have taken these little beauties up to Everest Base Camp, so this is a serious addict speaking.

They work so.

Put individual filter in its housing on top of a cup, pour boiling water, et voila.  A decent cuppa.


The only problem is that you may well find hotel staff returning the filters to you, convinced you have chucked them in error.  They don’t exactly look like, say, a used tea-bag.  They look as though they are meant to be kept, to be re-used.  In Pushkar, in India’s Rajasthan state, where the hotel definitely didn’t run to filter coffee, I used my Rombouts coffee, and the staff kindly washed and dried the finished filters, and returned them to my room.

Agreed, they are probably not the “green”-est form of coffee going, what with all that plastic housing.

But, according to the ones I bought in Johannesburg recently, they are kosher.




    1. Sorry, I don’t know for Canada, but in the UK & in South Africa, it is always with coffee (obviously !!) in big supermarkets. Usually right down on the bottom shelf, for some reason. Enjoy !


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