Handbag heaven in Delhi

Handbag heaven in Delhi

There may not be a glitzy shop-window.

There may not be a huge shop, but that doesn’t deter throngs of loyal fans and shoppers beating a path to Mr Battu’s outlet in New Delhi’s Kotla Mubarakpur district.  Down a narrow “gulli,” past shops selling planks of wood and sheets of plywood, it is easy to miss his unobtrusive shop.

Mr. Battu has as many foreign and diplomatic fans as locals, everyone of us in search of that perfect bag or belt or wallet.  Mr Battu designs and sells handbags and other leather accessories (such as said belts and wallets) and he also repairs bags, so if you have a beloved handbag that needs a little repair or TLC, Mr Battu is your man.

If you are like my daughter who found a buckle she liked in England and now needs the belt to accompany it, Mr Battu is your man.

If you are like my husband who needed some specialist equipment cases made…yes, right again, Mr Battu is your man.
His little shop is stocked to the gills with bags and bales of leather : on a recent visit I saw rolls of the most luscious coloured leathers – now I am trying to design that absolutely-must-have turquoise bag in my mind.

As an expert in leather with an eye for detail and style, if you want a bag making to your own specs he will happily do it, but he will also tell you frankly if the proportions are wrong, or if the “look” just won’t work.

He is scrupulous about his delivery times.  If it is going to take time, he will tell you upfront.  If he is running late, he will call and tell you –  qualities all too rare in Delhi salesmen.

Personally recommended without any reservation whatsoever – as my collection of Mr.Battu bags will testify.

I did not tell Mr. Battu that I write reviews and blog, and have obviously always bought my own bags and belts and wallets and…and…and…


  1. just a word of caution though ,he once made me a bag which I spent ages sourcing(the design of which was a mix of several ‘designer’ bags.)When I went to pick it up ,he had obviously liked the design so much that I was greeted by about 20 of the same in a variety of colours for sale !Not quite the one off i had in mind!

    Trudy Matchett

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