Great scarf shopping in Delhi

Great scarf shopping in Delhi

We have this end-of-holiday ritual, my daughter and I.

Before she heads back to university in England, we go shopping for scarves and dupattas, which are her favoured presents over there.  Brightly coloured long scarves, some with beads, some with prints, some crinkled, are always welcome, and her university friends seem to love them, and so off we go, several times a year to Ram Ji Sons in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar.

In all the years I have been going to this popular shop, I have never, ever once found the shop empty.  Not even half-empty.  It is always packed to the gills with women shopping up a storm.  Fabrics of every description are sold there, and if you look up, the scarves and dupattas are hanging from the ceiling.  Select what you want, try and catch the eye of one of the assistants, and you’re A for away.

The address is Lajpat Nagar Central Market –  they are the shop on the corner, so 2 entrances.

They take credit cards, too.

As you can see from the bills, the scarves are in the Rs 125-175 range.

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