Want home delivered paper goods in Delhi ?

Want home delivered paper goods in Delhi ?

Delhi (and indeed India) is full of -walas.

People who are specialists in this, that or t’other.

People who will deliver this, that or t’other.

Thus we have a metalwala, who carries out any metal work needed in the house.

And a chabiwala, who makes keys.

And the sabziwala who delivers groceries.

And then we have Vikram, who delivers any kind of household & kitchen paper, so is – I suppose –  my kitchenpaperwala.  Except that his English is so good, and his manner so polite and dignified that everyone calls him Mr. Vikram.

So, if you need kitchen paper, aluminium paper, kleenex, loo rolls, then Vikram is the man for you.  He delivers, charges less than in the shops, has a mobile & email, and is charming to boot –  so what is there not to like ?

I have used him for years, have passed him onto at least one ex-pat friend who has in turn passed his name along, so his service comes fully recommended.

This is his own list :

Paper bathroom rolls
Face tissues box
Kitchen towel roll
Paper Napkin
Aluminium foil
Cling wrap food wrap  foil
Yellow duster(car duster)
Kitchen cloth duster
Floor duster
Garbage bags
and all type of disposables items

Vikram Sharma



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