Is PVR Director’s Cut, Delhi worth it ?

Is PVR Director’s Cut, Delhi worth it ?

English films don’t usually last very long in Delhi, unless it’s an “Avatar” or another mega-block buster.

So, after just one week on circuit, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” was only showing in the PVR Director’s Cut, Ambience Mall –  and at 1.15pm to boot.  A clear sign that it would be its last week.

So off to PVR Director’s Cut at Ambience Mall it was.

Fine, except that a ticket at this cinema costs a cool Rs 850.  That’s a lot of money for India.

So what exactly do you get for your money ?

Well, the complex is undoubtedly swish and fancy, and there are more staff hovering attentively than you can shake a stick at.

You can buy magazines :

And star fruit (though why would you want to eat drippy fruit in a film escapes me) :

You can buy cup cakes :

And Italian olive oil (again, why ?)

The menu is pretty comprehensive…oh hang on, we’re going to movie, right, not out to dinner :

The cinema hall is small, the seats are plush and recline, you have a blanket, a call button, a little reading light, and it all looks vaguely like a business class lounge on a smart airline.

You also get a tiny bottle of water and an orange juice included, but all the same, it’s a seriously big difference in price from the rest of the market.

Worth it ?

No, not really.  You still get an idiot answering his mobile phone during the film, and chatting away.


  1. The movie hall is good. however the staff is discriminatory. They will claim top row seats as booked and instead give you tickets for few rows in the front or some where in corners and once the movie starts you will realize that top rows still had empty seats and you wonder why were you not allotted the same. May be they reserve these seats for some “famous few” and leave the rest for the mass audience. What ever it is, it left a bad taste on me. INR 1000 per ticket for discriminatory treatment!! So go there at your own risk!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your view. You saved a couple of thousand for us. The ticket today is Rs. 1,800.00 and your last line…..some idiot will still be answering his mobile phone call is hilarious..

    naresh thawani
  3. Thanks a lot christine, It is my girlfriends birthday next week so I thought a movie at directors followed by a dinner would be amazing however after reading some valuable stuff from you christine now I think I should rather go for a gold class, directors cut is a waste.

  4. Pathetic service at Pvr Directors cut Ambience mall..just watched kabali in Audi 4 seat no E6 n E7 on 27 july ….10 .40 When movie started I entered with my wife n after few minutes a pvr guy came to take orders n to inform us that if u need something then only click on the green button which is given .which was already clicked when we seated and .as if it’s the first time we are watching a movie in Directors cut…..after 10 minutes when we were actually wanted to place an order to have something we pressed that green button on both the seats but nobody came for 1hr n 20 minutes , after that when I walk down and inform about the same to the Manager whos name is Jiten Gupta he was giving me the excuse just to hide his mistakes had to leave in between the interval, but it was a really bad experience in Directors cut if a customer Wants to have something n had to go downstairs for placing an order then why should a customer comes in Pvr Directors cut , a customer can also go to a Normal pvr or Big cinemas or somewhere else..thought it’s not the first time as m watching a movie in Directors cut ..but it happened probably bcs there were only 6 seats booked in whole Audi..that might be one of the reason that nobody had taken any initiative ..moreover when I booked the tickets from the pvr app I was just trying to contact to their given number for directors cut which is 9910115787 but no one had picked a single call I tried atleast 10 to 12 time before coming on an interval of 3 hrs…this is totally bad service will never come again and will also approach the same to my known people that why to waste money on this Pvr Directors’s better if they choose something else .

    Utsav suri

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