Hauz Khas village is changing at the speed of light, with new restaurants and shops opening seemingly every week.  I had heard about Elma’s Bakery & tea House in Hauz Khas for quite a  while, so last Friday Sonam and I went there for lunch.

The place is charming, with a real chintzy, English feel to it.  A lovely collection of tea-pots is dotted on shelves around the small restaurant, and there is even a tea-pot-covered piano in one corner.

They have lovely china –  pretty flowery cups and plates, in different designs, adding to the English tea-shop feel.

We both had smoked salmon sandwiches, which were delicious.  Lovely brown bread, generous amount of salmon, but Rs 350 for 4 tiny sandwiches ?

We both had tea.  Of course.

I was more adventurous than Sonam and tried echinacea and lemongrass (for serenity, I think it was ).

Nice, but Rs 100 per pot = non-serenity-making.

Sonam had pudding and declared it delicious.


Verdict ?

Charming, nice relaxed service.  But I think Rs 1500 for sandwiches and tea for 2, and one small pud is expensive.

I didn’t tell them that I review/blog and we paid our own bill.



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