Tiffinware – THE place to find stylish, whimsical silverware in Delhi & in the UK

Tiffinware – THE place to find stylish, whimsical silverware in Delhi & in the UK

Disclosure time first.

Risham Chawla who runs Tiffinware here in Delhi is a friend, but I see no reason not to review her Tiffinware products the way I would any other supplier.

I have bought her products as gifts for friends overseas, who unanimously love them, and for my own use, and I equally love them.

Tiffinware specialises in fun, original pieces for the home – especially for your dining table. Cutlery, cake-stands, serving dishes, and a personal favourite, seriously stylish egg-cosies.

As in a beautifully beaded cover to keep your breakfast boiled egg warm and cosy.  And why wouldn’t you ?

One of Tiffinware’s unique features is the beaded handles on their cutlery and knives – you can change the beads, the colours, the patterns at the time of ordering, customising them to suit your own decor.

Tiffinware’s website is easily navigated, and is slick and simple to use.

On the website you can find out where their pop up sales are taking place, whether in the UK or in India, and also check where the outlets are.

The website shows most of the range of products which are designed by Risham herself and which are made by master craftsmen here in India.

For the loyal royalist out there, or simply for the lover of fun, one-of-a-kind gifts, there is currently a range of absolutely fabulous items for the rapidly approaching Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

Jubilee egg cosy, anyone ?

Go on –  isn’t this irresistible ?

How about a Diamond Jubilee tea cosy, as well ?


If you are based in Delhi, you can call Risham for an appointment, and go check out the many other gorgeous things she also makes – shawls, stoles, clothing, luscious handbags, and a wide range of jewellery, including lovely silver cuff links, which have become something of a gift staple for this reviewer.

And here are a few more items to tempt you – if you are not already online at Tiffinware, shopping, that is.


The address and contact details are all on the website, or you can contact Risham (below, hard at work with her signature beads) via Twitter – @Tiffinware

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