Café Turtle, Khan Market, New Delhi

Café Turtle, Khan Market, New Delhi

Full Circle Bookshop in Khan Market has a lovely pukka bookshop feel to it. You can potter and wander, undisturbed.  There are comfortingly crowded shelves full of books on a wide range of topics, and the staff smile politely at you, then pretty much leave you alone.  Permeating the shop is the delicious smell of coffee, from the tiny Cafe Turtle upstairs.

No more than a dozen tables – at a guesstimate – a small menu, and quietly polite service make this a relaxed place for lingering over coffee and unhurried conversation.

Lunch this week with a friend was pleasant but to be honest, the prices are a tad steep for what are, in effect, really miniscule portions.  Our quiches were fine, but tiny, with a delicious but equally tiny salad in a dinky little bowl.

The place has a nice relaxed feel to it, and will always be a good place to stop for a rest from the excesses of Khan Market retail therapy.

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