Shop here at your peril in Mauritius

Shop here at your peril in Mauritius

Right, disclaimer time.

We went to the so-called factory shops of Arsenal in Mauritius, fully aware that though some of the merchandise might well be export rejects, others might not be – how can I put this ? –  well, might not be 100% the real McCoy.  Designer goods at less than designer prices, in other words.

Knowing this, I must be honest and say that the quality of most of the “top end” stuff is very good.  The handbag and belts we bought really are of a good standard.

The branded polo shirts are also excellent.

So, why the negative warning in the title, you may ask ?

Well, after being received at the shop like visiting royalty (nothing like chatting in Hindi in Mauritius to be in like Flynn) we got good discounts (or so we think) and left quite happy.

Arriving home, however, we saw that one shirt had a faded fold mark across it, so on my husband’s next business trip back to Mauritius, he took said unused shirt back to the shop to exchange it.

As he tells it, the reception was completely unhelpful.

No, that wasn’t their shirt.  Absolutely not theirs.

No, despite the fact we had spent a lot of money and only wanted an exchange not a refund, no they wouldn’t do it.

Caveat emptor.



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