This is a follow-up review.  For my initial review –  here it is again.

On a rainy Delhi afternoon, Ahilya and I battled through the ludicrously noisy traffic all along the approach road and especially at the boom gate into Hauz Khas village, and dashed through the rainy gullies, clutching a shared, rather leaky umbrella.

Destination Elma’s for a light, catch-up lunch.

The welcome was warm, our drippy brolly was stowed, and we chatted with Shelly Sahai, the café’s friendly owner, who was having a cuppa at the next table.  It was a tad surreal that Shelly and I were wearing virtually identical jade pendants, both bought in Singapore, but that’s life, I suppose.

I stuck to the same smoked salmon sandwiches as last time, but rather than tea, we both opted for a fresh beetroot and ginger drink.

Sarnies :

And the absolutely luscious coloured beetroot drink :

The drink was very good, tasted nice and beetrooty, but was a tad pulpy at the end, despite Shelly giving a kindly, helping hand to Ahilya half way through lunch, stirring her drink for her.

Elma’s is cute, I love the quintessentially English feel of the china and tea pots and the deliberate mismatching.

Laid-back easy-going service, in the best sense of the word –  no-one is trying to hurry you along, which is good.

As I said the last time I visited, in April, I still feel it’s a tad pricey :


And I went back, which is a good sign.


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