Steak & Co – a surpisingly good, old-fashioned find in central London

Steak & Co – a surpisingly good, old-fashioned find in central London

So there we were, sauntering up St. Martin’s Lane in central London – as one does – on a beautiful summer evening.  We were on the lookout for a restaurant to eat dinner, but without anything particular in mind.  A pretty, absolutely charming young woman standing in the street asked us if we wanted a free bottle of wine.  My guess is she was Italian.

The deal was as follows – eat at the restaurant and get a free bottle of wine.

Which wine, we asked ?

It’s a good one, she smiled back.

And if we don’t like it, can we add on a little to that free voucher and buy a better wine ?

Of course, came the answer, with a big, charming smile.

So, basically for want of a better idea, we gave it a whirl.

The food was reassuringly old fashioned – no, wait, let me rephrase that.  A steak is a steak is a steak, but since I don’t eat meat, I decided to go for the divinely old fashioned Whitby scampi. (You can take the girl out of Yorkshire etc etc)

I chose the scampi almost for a laugh, as a deliberate nostalgia thing, but they were absolutely delicious.  Perfectly cooked.

My husband’s steak came on a hot stone, to allow personalised cooking, which he proclaimed to be a good idea.

And the free wine was a perfectly respectable French Merlot.

All in all, not a bad meal at all, and reasonable for central London.

Steak & Co would seem to be part of the Angus Steakhouse group, since that was the name that came up on our credit card account.

Personally recommended, and we paid our own bill.  And no one knew that I blog or write reviews.

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