Benihana still going strong

Benihana still going strong

There’s something about holidays that make you do nostalgic-y things.

We hadn’t been to the US in over 15 years, and so inevitably there was a certain amount of “oh, remember we did x, y or z with the children when we were last here.”

One of  “those things” had been lunch at Benihana, which our enthralled children adored.  All that catching of an egg in the chef hat stuff.

So we had lunch at Benihana, and you know what, it was fun.

Yes, it’s a tad touristy.

And yes, the chefs still catch eggs in their chef’s hat.

But the food was good, the service polite and friendly, so what’s not to like ?  And I freely admit, I enjoyed the show.  All that rapid chopping and making volcanoes out of onion rings :


I was on a scallops kick that week, and they were delicious.  And huge.

Hubby’s hitachi steak was delish, he said.


The only not so exciting thing, funnily enough was the dish of edamame which were, well, not very exciting.




Recommended.  And we (of course) paid our own bill.



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