Does Sardi’s in New York still have that buzz ?

Does Sardi’s in New York still have that buzz ?

I am not really sure, is the honest answer.

Having not been to New York in aeons, nor to Sardi’s in even more aeons, I had no idea of knowing whether the iconic restaurant that I first visited back in the late 1970s was even still considered an icon.

We were wandering through the theatre district on a lovely summer night in late August, without a fixed dinner plan, when we chanced upon Sardi’s.

It was 95% empty which is always a little disconcerting, but then again, it was theatre time, so perhaps all the patrons-to-be were yet to arrive.  I had remembered it being a pre/post-show place.



The decor is exactly as remembered, all those cartoons on the walls :


The staff was perfectly charming, the food was good, the wine was deliciously chilled, so all in all a nice evening.  Despite the emptiness, we enjoyed our meal – starched white linen,  slightly old-fashioned feel to the place.  What’s not to like ?

My husband approved of the pork chops, and my scallops were good.  I was on a bit of a scallop kick that week, so they stacked up well against several other scallop-y meals.




234 West 44th Street  New York, NY 10036, United States  (212) 221-8440


We paid our own bill.  Obviously.


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