Looking for the best food ever in Macau?

Looking for the best food ever in Macau?

Macao was a bit of a shock, after 25 years,

Hardly surprising, really, but all the same, the mushrooming of “progress” did rather knock us for six. Where was the sleepy backwater we had visited on our honeymoon? Where was the (then) faded charm of a forgotten piece of Europe plunked down in Asia?

Gone, gone, gone forever under a tidal wave of shops, more shops, casinos, more casinos. The whole developmental 9 yards.

We found a few reminders of when we used to visit, buildings we remembered, all of them now jam-packed next to a mall or an apartment complex or a casino.

But we did make one fabulous new discovery, and one that actually made our trip. Unsure of where to eat, surrounded by so much ersatz glitz and tower blocks, we heard about Fernando’s.

So fabulous was lunch at Fernando’s, that we went back the next day and all of us ate the very same thing.  And – seriously – we almost contemplated going to Macau on a quick scheduled trip next week to the region, only to eat lunch at Fernando’s. (I’ll let you know what we decide…)

Fernando’s is casual, old-fashioned and fabulous.  By the beach, which is also a tad scruffy.  We took a bus to get there.

All wildly atmospheric, and such a delightful, soul-restoring change of pace from the new “improved” tower-block-y Macau.

The sign below sums up the philosophy of the restaurant :


The d├ęcor is comfortable and well-lived in, shall we say :







We [aid our own way and no-one had an inkling that I blog.

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