Where can you find THE best ravioli in New York ?

Where can you find THE best ravioli in New York ?

2nd & 74th, according to our good friend and mega-foodie Vikram Tandon.

As an ex-New Yorker, he should know, and so, on a recent trip to New York after far too many years (but that’s another story) we met up for lunch at Zucchero and Pomodori to try these amazing ravioli.

Vodka ravioli to be precise.

And here they are :

But, being brutally honest, they were nice, but sadly not as brilliant as I had expected.  Whether it was the tomato sauce which sort of drowned them, I dunno.  My totally un-cooking-savvy instincts would have preferred a cream sauce, not tomato based, but though they were good, I honestly wouldn’t make a special trip to eat them.

Sorry Vikram.

Apparently hubby’s veal saltimbocca was delish.

The complimentary Caesar salad  –  courtesy of our hosts, who used to be regulars at Zuccero e Pomodoro – was excellent.  And that was a nice touch.

Nice, relaxed feel to the restaurant, that of a genuine, much-loved local place.




For the record, my cappuccino was so-so, but that was actually par for the course everywhere in the US.  Perhaps it’s a European thing after all.





  1. You are absolutely right for once Christine, the ravioli that day was shocking, worst I’ve eaten there in 10 years and nowhere near what I ate there just a couple of weeks earlier. Did not want to make a fuss and send it back since you guys were there- didnt want to ruin the moment. Sorry. Make it up next year. Promise.


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