Where to find the best (bison) burger in Manhattan

Where to find the best (bison) burger in Manhattan

The things you discover about your friends when you travel.

Meeting up with our dear Delhi friends Kiran and Vikram Tandon in Manhattan, which was their old stomping ground for many years, I learned that Vikram is a foodie of note, as in Of Note.

When we decided to meet for lunch, Vikram instantly rattled off a long list of his favourite places from their years in New York, complete with menus and specialities and suggestions and accurate directions, kindly organising the rest of our stay in Manhattan.

Thus it was that we found ourselves in Ted’s Montana Grill, in search of what we were assured was the best burger in New York.  And, Vikram stipulated, it must be a bison burger.

The restaurant was everything I had remembered New York restaurants to be –  large and spacious, luxurious starched white linen, people sitting on bar stools sipping lunchtime cocktails in frosted glasses.  Perfect.

Our waiter couldn’t have been nicer and chattier, and – seemingly like all waiters and waitresses in Manhattan  –  was obviously just waiting for an opportunity to be snapped up as a stand-up comedian or a wisecracking, current affairs TV anchor.

My husband had the burger and said it was very good, but he couldn’t honestly say whether bison is better than beef.  But he really enjoyed it.



He also said that the Vikram-recommended margaritas were good, though not particularly strong (which is why he had two).


Delicious pickles that came with drinks :


As a non meat-eater I had the salt and pepper trout which was absolutely delicious.  Truly delicious :


The cappuccino was totally underwhelming.  Thin and un-creamy.


They have convenient small-sized menus to take away, (as opposed to a take away menu) :

Personally recommended.


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  1. thanks muchly Christine — on both our behalf’s — i feel vindicated (at least someone believes me when i say Vikram is a foodie) … have been saying for years that my weight is the process of osmosis — vikram eats and i put on the weight 🙂


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