Cocoberry now in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Cocoberry now in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

The ever-evolving Hauz Khas Village is an obvious choice for a new outlet of this popular FroYo chain.

Good location on the village main street.

Minsicule shop, with 2 tiny tables each seating 2, so I imagine most trade will be take-aways.

Charming service.

We got to taste before choosing, declined toppings, of which there were many on offer, and it was all very pleasant.

My green apple :

Anjulie’s Berryblast :




When I asked the staff whether I could go behind the counter to take a picture of the range of pretty-looking toppings, the answer was a polite but emphatic “No ma’am” – well done !


Pricing seemed absolutely fine.


I predict this will do well – although how they will fare in the heat of a Delhi summer, when people want something cool, but when there are only 4 seats, I’m none too sure.

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