Where to find Thai food in Hong Kong

Where to find Thai food in Hong Kong

The pretty restaurant “Rice Paper” in the ever-popular Harbour City was bustling and busy when we went for a late Saturday night dinner.

After a week of mainly Japanese food (because it was better then Chinese food for the strict vegetarian in our group) the Thai food in “Rice paper” was spicy and nicely different.  We had chosen the restaurant precisely because of its vegetarian options, and started with mango and beetroot rice rolls :



They were lovely to look at, an interesting mix of tastes, but a tad too big to eat comfortable and elegantly.  Lots of spilled beetroot and carrot.

The meat eaters had grilled pork neck as their starter and declared it delicious :


The vegetarian pad thai was described as good.  Good, not fabulous.

My seafood laksa was also good. Actually very good, and a huge, generous portion.

The duck curry (below) was fine, I understand.


And the raw beef noodle soup was also pronounced good, but not the best in the world.


All of us had to leave our dishes unfinshed, so generous were the portions.

Nice, friendly service.

Delicious wine.

All in all a nice dinner, but not earth-shattering.

I’d rate it 6.5/10.


We paid our own bill, and I did not tell them that I review restaurants.

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