Where to buy fairy lights/Diwali lights/any kind of lights in south Delhi

Vasant Vihar.

C Block Market  Рyour average scruffy local market, all uneven paving stones, discarded plastic bags and trailing wires.  You know the drill.

Leaving the taxi stand on your right, walk about 10 paces, turn into the tiny alleyway, and there is fairy light heaven.

The shop also sells all manner of plugs and adapters, and they are decent about exchanging dodgy Chinese merchandise (caveat emptor).

Not sure the store actually runs to a name, but you really cannot miss it. It is little more than a cubby hole, but boy do they have merchandise galore, destined to warm the hearts of all you blingy lights lovers out there.





  1. Hi Christine, I am the visitor from Kathmandu and I got very excited about this post because I work in Vasant Vihar and have been looking for fairy lights for my flat. I wonder if this shop still exists? Thanks for sharing! Rosemarie


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