Where to source garment racks in Delhi. And anything else in the steel department

Armed with nothing more than the name of a part of Delhi I had never been to before – Govindpuri – from a helpful cousin, off I went in search of a clothes rack.

Of the type you have in boutiques.

No photo to show anyone, no shop name, just me explaining with the aid of lots of hand gestures.

We went from shop to shop, everyone more than happy to help – although usually offering me laundry racks –  after which we were passed from shop to shop down the busy main street, finally ending up at a store where, yippee, they knew exactly what I was talking about and – yippee Mark II –  had a wide range of garment racks of different strenths, sizes and colours.

Garment rack heaven, in a word.

They were helpful, amused by my Hindi and gave me a discount.

What’s not to like ?

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