Sonam Dubal’s sumptuous designs

Sonam Dubal’s sumptuous designs

If you are in the market for a fabulously cut, one-of-a-kind jacket then you need look no further than the clothes of the talented, charming designer Sonam Dubal.

Sonam is now a friend, but he wasn’t the first time I saw his clothing, and promptly fell in love with his elegant pan-Asian designs.




Sonam Dubal’s clothing is what I like to call Indo-fusion, with a strong Tibetan influence, so expect beautiful high collars and sweeping skirts, fabulous capes and dramatic long coats. And as for the linings of his clothes…they are almost works of art in their own right, fabulous jewel-coloured silks revealing a sudden flash of colour.




His clientèle is as eclectic as the designer himself, and he has a strong, devoted following amongst both Indians and expats in India, and an equally strong customer base overseas.

Check out his website, to get an idea of his vision and designs:

In Delhi, his work can be found in Ogaan, in Santushti and in Hauz Khas Village.

Sonam’s website lists the boutiques across the country and overseas, where his designs are available.



Personally, strongly recommended.

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