Where to find beautiful enamel ware in Delhi

I have already written about Tiffinware, a company run by Risham Chawla.

Risham is a friend, but as I said in my previous review, that fact doesn’t stop me reviewing her products as I would anyone else’s.

Risham has recently added a fabulous range of traditional Indian products with a twist.

Think brightly coloured enameled tiffin carriers, that quintessential Indian food carrier.

Think “katoris” – little bowls – in enameled rainbow hues.

Trays, beakers – all those standard Indian utensils, but now with a brilliant twist.

Take a look :


Told you.

These items are literally flying off the shelves so quickly that there hasn’t even been enough time to put them on the website, so do yourself a favour and call Risham if you wish to buy them.

But hurry up.
+91 11 2649 7015

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  2. I just loved your style. I want to buy tiffin box for myself…can u plz share few more plz and price please.
    I am from pune

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