Les Parisiennes : a distinctly French accent in Delhi’s Shahpurjat

Les Parisiennes : a distinctly French accent in Delhi’s Shahpurjat

What a find !

Vintage clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes, linen, decorative items and a café, all in one delightful ensemble in Shahpurjat.

You enter through a cute enclosed veranadah, and then wander ever deeper into a wonderful space, all elegantly done up in black and white.

The layout is such that you feel as though you are wandering through someone’s home, rather than through a shop.  There is a tiny corner kitchen and a menu offering classic café food –  salads, quiches, sandwiches, cakes.  Nothing fancy but perfect after a day of wandering.

And oh, the bathroom…Such is the nature of wandering around anywhere in Delhi (well, India really) & the deplorable state of loos, that one really is compelled to mention clean loos.  In this case, it is spotless.

Each time I visit Les Parisiennes, one of our party inevitably buys something, we always eat there, and everyone is very taken by the relaxed laid back feel to the place.  My latest visitor, a former old Delhi hand herself, was enchanted by the shop but rueful that it hadn’t been around during her time here.



The kitchen corner (below)


Browsing the racks of vintage clothes


The charming little verandah entrance




Charming and recommended.

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