Valentino frocks at Somerset House

Valentino frocks at Somerset House

The exhibition VALENTINO at London’s Somerset House is simultaneously wonderful and also quite frustrating.


There are utterly beautiful, fabulous dresses on display, and a very nice layout – it was done like a catwalk – but possibly the worst exhibition information leaflet ever.

The exhibition lighting was so dim, and the print in the guide was so small, that we had to struggle to read helpful captions like “White wool cape and dress.”

That was it.

Or “Ivory crepe georgette evening gown.”

Admittedly a couple of captions did tell us that Audrey Hepburn or Julia Roberts had worn a particular dress (yes, THAT Oscar dress is on display). But we wanted much more information, and we were not alone, as was apparent from the good-natured grumbles we heard from the other women struggling to read.

Never mind, we said, we’ll splurge on the catalogue and get the full low-down on all these gorgeous confections.
No catalogue.
Not even a postcard.
Such revenue potential wasted.

But the clothes were lovely. Absolutely gorgeous.

So go and drool and sigh over frocks of total gorgeousness.

The exhibition runs until 3 March 2013.

Highly recommended.


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