Where to shop and eat in Delhi’s Shahpurjat

Where to shop and eat in Delhi’s Shahpurjat

The urban village of Shahpurjat is changing fast.  Not quite as at-the-speed-of-light fast the way Hauz Khas Village is changing, but suffice it to say that every time I go for chai and chat with my friend Sonam Dubal in the village, it seems as though yet another boutique or yet another café has opened.

This week, three of us went for a walk through the village and discovered “The Wishing Chair”.



It is utterly charming.  A cute gift shop and a café.  Actually it’s more than just cute, since it has both whimsical and funky things as well as serious statement pieces for sale.

A great place for gifts, especially unusual decorative pieces for the home.




Lunch was perfectly nice.

IMG_2766 1

IMG_2767 1

Tasty salad

IMG_2768 1

Clever mixed brown & white bread sandwiches


Cute business card (with a map –  how sensible)



Personally recommended.

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