V Spot Café & Bar –  a great find

V Spot Café & Bar – a great find


I was asked to go and review the V Spot Café & Bar in Gurgaon, and so on a lovely sunny February day, three of us went there for lunch.

A carnivore.

A vegetarian.

A fishatarian.

And we all loved it.  Even though 2 of us were about 3o years older than the average diner.

The V Spot Café & Bar is located in the Cross Point Building, which isn’t in itself very prepossessing but the café has jazzed its decor up, and has a fabulous outdoor terrace, and whilst sitting out there, as we did, so lovely was the weather, you could forget you were surrounded by the usual scruffy unfinished landscape of Gurgaon.  Trellises with (fake) creepers give a lovely garden feel, the sofas are comfy and invite you to lounge, and the whole atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.


Right, down to the main event –  the food.

My husband (the carnivore) had a club sandwich, which he declared delicious and said was almost too much to finish.  Notice the “almost” since he eventually polished the whole thing off.

IMG_3460 1


My daughter (the vegetarian) had the roasted veg panini which got an equally enthusiastic thumbs up.

IMG_3459 1

I had the fish milenge which was, yet again, delicious.  Buttery sole, lovely mashed potatoes, a sprinkling of capers as a nice contrasty taste, and the whole dish elegantly presented.

IMG_3458 1

IMG_3461 1

Hubby’s Margarita was excellent, he assured us, and so all in all, a great lunch.

IMG_3456 1

Service was charming though a wee bit slow, given that the restaurant was far from full.  Well, inside was pretty empty, though the terrace was  pretty busy for a mid-week lunchtime.  Loud music played all the time (though not too loud, in case you think I’m being a grumpy old woman)

The whole mood of the V Spot Café & Bar is decidedly funky, with corny jokes in the menu, and droll remarks even on the paper napkins, and the whole thing works.  Sometimes restaurants appear to try too hard to be hip (though I’m told you don’t describe things as hip any more, but you take my point).  V Spot Café & Bar is trying to be funny and cool  –  and it is.

Take the drinks menu, for example, which has slightly daft stories behind many of the drinks :

IMG_3444 1


The food menu comes with a zany health warning :

IMG_3446 1

IMG_3447 1

IMG_3450 1

IMG_3448 1

Even the napkins, as I mentioned, are funny :

IMG_3453 1

You open it – obviously – and

IMG_3455 1

IMG_3454 1

Even the (clean!!) loos have zany graffiti :

IMG_3451 1

IMG_3452 1

Good value for money. Nice location –  I can imagine it must be lovely at night, sitting out on these bar stools :

IMG_3463 1

Or lounging the evening away…


A good find.

Address and phone number are on the bill below.

Or you can check their excellent website



V spot bill\

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