Edward’s in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Edward’s in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Hauz Khas village in New Delhi is changing at the speed of light.  My trip there yesterday for lunch, after – what? –  about 2 months revealed more shops, more eateries, sadly more old buildings pulled down, but what a hive of activity.

I went with a friend, Asha Framji, for lunch at Edward’s, on the joint recommendation of our children, both of whom work in HKV.

Very cute but expensive was their verdict.  And mine.

The place is tiny but it really is cute and the décor can’t be faulted and the view onto the neighbourhood park is lovely.

IMG_4438 1





But the fact remains, cuteness aside, that Rs 900 for 2 sarnies and a bottle of water is expensive.

Here is Asha’s Pesto chicken which she said was good :


And my Humus sandwich (I am veg) which was OK. Nothing more.

IMG_4436 1


Lovely bread but far too crumbly for the contents, which spilled out at the first bite  – and what was with the waiter taking my sandwich back from the table and adding lettuce to it as an afterthought ?  That was after mixing up our orders initially?

I am not one to nitpick in young restaurants run by young people, truly I am not, but when you are charging Rs 450 for a sandwich and there are only 2 other people in the restaurant, you take note who has ordered what, surely ?

I also thought bottled water had to be at the MRP ?

Conclusion ?

Cute but way too expensive for a sandwich.  Which is exactly what our children had told us.


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