Where to stay in Agra ? The luxurious ITC Mughal Agra, of course

Where to stay in Agra ? The luxurious ITC Mughal Agra, of course




How much changes in a week.

This time last week, literally, I was lolling around in the fabulous Kaya Kalp The Royal Spa in the ITC Mughal in Agra, being pampered and massaged. A week later, firmly back in the real world, I want to share with you my impressions of this lovely hotel without sounding too uncritically gushing.

I was a guest of ITC, along with another blogger, Charis Bhagianathan, as part of a fun ITC sponorsed trip through the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur ) called TheDuoEscapade.  But from everything I observed, I don’t honestly think Charis and I were treated any differently from all the hotel’s guests.  Whenever I observed the staff interacting with guests it was with kindness, politeness and friendliness.

Our welcome to the hotel lived up to the “welcome” that is an integral part of this company’s USP.  We were given a wonderful traditional Mughal sword & chaddar welcome, and seriously fabulous it was too…it’s just that we didn’t know it was happening, which is why I look so travel-stained and bedraggled.

But what a welcome:




Super fun.

But next time I’ll comb my hair…

IMG_3919 1
We stayed in the utmost luxury, in a Royal Mughal Suite.

The recent renovations included a revamp and rethink of the room strategy in the hotel, and there is now a whole new wing comprising 68 suites and rooms, with their own entrance and reception staff. The luxury starts from the very beginning :







Our rooms were seriously sumptuous, and if it hadn’t been for our scheduled visit to the Taj, I would happily have opted to spend all day in my lovely suite :



Yes, yes, you’re right –  another pillow indeed – how lovely !!

IMG_3933 1


IMG_3928 1

The bed was huge and comfortable, the room had a huge TV screen, little sitting areas, including a cosy nook in the corner, and was connected to the sitting room which had a huge comfy sofa, a desk (once again we were given a coupon for the internet) and lots of lovely welcoming gifts :

IMG_3926 1

(And that’s not me in the photo, by the way – no idea who she was, but her hair was a whole lot neater than mine !)

IMG_3929 1


IMG_3930 1


IMG_3932 1


IMG_3921 1



There was a kettle and –  oh joys –  a coffee pot and proper coffee.  No instant coffee here.

IMG_3931 1


But, and here’s the biggest, most special welcome a hotel can provide…I didn’t need to make my own coffee because the wonderful Ila, our very own lady butler, made it for me :

IMG_3939 1

Ila Rahgav is an EVA butler, catering to women travellers who opt to stay in the hotel’s special EVA rooms, which are designed exclusively for women.

Ila was everything you could wish for and more.  Always there without ever once being obtrusive (if that doesn’t sound too rude).  Always gravely smiling.  Never too familiar. Charming to a fault.  Calm.

If Charis and I could have kidnapped her, we would cheerfully have done so.

Ila defined luxury for a visitor.  I can only imagine that if you were a business traveller, Ila would be a godsend.


The bathroom was fabulous –  huge bath, separate shower, loo, and loads of lovely products :

IMG_3923 1

IMG_3936 1

IMG_3937 1

When we turned in for the night after dinner (food will be a separate review) there was the most delightful touch. There were 2 trays on the bed, containing extra little goodies to ensure a good night’s sleep. One had thoughtful touches such as an eye mask and herbal soothing sprays.

This tray was very intriguing, with its healthy suggestions :

IMG_4012 1





Love that touch.

Another unbeatable touch is the cute jharoka, with a view of the Taj to die for :



We used the Kaya Kalp spa which I reviewed separately, but there was hardly time to experience everything the ITC Mughal Agra has to offer.  We took a quick peek at the butterfly garden :


But we didn’t do justice to all the other hotel extras, such as the pools and the shops…next time…

Conclusion ?

Fabulous elegant luxury with lots of lovely touches, and that ultimate luxury –  a lady butler.

Highly recommended.



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