“Abducting Diana” at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi

“Abducting Diana” at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi

I was very happy to be going to the theatre, to see a play in English, in Delhi.  With friends.  And so off we went, 6 of us, to see “Abducting Diana” at the India Habitat Centre.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Had it been a middle school play, it would have been a painful evening (“and a school play with one of our children in it, at that” commented one of our party).

But this was no school play.

Actors gabbling their lines so fast, rather like teenagers, so you literally could not understand what was being said.

Wooden acting.

Masks that made comprehension even more difficult.

Oh, the whole thing made for a dismal evening.  The play lasts 1 3/4 hours, without an interval, but that didn’t stop some people just getting up and leaving.  We were too pusillanimous to follow them.


We booked our tickets via bookmyshow.com.  Seats are Rs 250 or Rs 350.

And there is another performance tonight, Sunday 21 April at 8Pm at the India Habitat centre.


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