For nostalgia unlimited, look no further than Nappa Dori bags

When a company makes such gorgeous bags and luggage…and when everyone has already praised said bags to the skies, what is there left for your humble reviewer to add ?

Perhaps just to say that were I rich enough, I would buy every single Nappa Dori product going.  I “only” have two gorgeous Nappa Dori items –  a credit card holder and this fab iPad case, but I was noble enough to buy AND give my sister a beautiful bag with a print of Rashtrapati Bhavan.  The temptation to keep it was so strong, I might add.




It is the combination of sepia, almost nostalgic images of India + sleek brown leather that makes Nappa Dori products so desirable.  They are all superbly finished, they are not cheap I warn you, but they are so lust-after-able.

There is a shop in Hauz Khas village –  well, 2 shops actually, very close to each other – and a shop in Meharchand Market.  All the best Delhi locations, as you would expect.

Whenever I have shopped there, I have not told them that I Bog and write reviews and I have paid my own bills.


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