Second Floor Studio’s New Delhi avatar

Second Floor Studio’s New Delhi avatar

If ever one needed proof that Shahpurjat is on the up and up, this is it.

The gorgeous Second Floor Studio – hitherto of Khan Market –  has recently opened a second store, in this rapidly gentrifying south Delhi urban village.  We discovered the new shop by chance, while on a Shahpurjat heritage walk.

This store is also their design headquarters, and while we explored the store –  fabulous, fabulous space and use of light.  Just gorgeous –  so, yes, as we explored, we wandered into their offices upstairs, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer and more welcoming.

Second Floor Studio has exquisite merchandise, and so it’s not cheap.  But it is mouth-wateringly fab.

I lust after the horse cushions…
2nd floor1


2nd floor2

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