Where can I find a good vet in Delhi?

Where can I find a good vet in Delhi?

If you live in south Delhi and need a good vet (silly phrase, really – who would want an indifferent vet? but anyway, you take my point), so, if you need a good vet, rest assured that there is an excellent practice in Anand Niketan, run by the kind and indefatigable husband and wife team of Dr. Choudhary and Dr. Choudhary.

These two caring and gentle souls run a busy but always personal clinic.  They remember the name of each and every animal that crosses their threshold, and they are super efficient and proficient.

They also handle the shipping of pets, usually for expats who are being transferred, but they also are ardent carers of Delhi’s sadly burgeoning population of street dogs, and arrange for the adoption of these abandoned animals, often overseas.

The only danger you run in going to see the good Drs. Choudhary is being gently arm-twisted into adopting a street dog !

Seriously, they treat my menagerie, and when we recently had to put my old cat to sleep, they could not have been more gentle and caring.  When your vet cries with you, you know you are in good loving hands.

Totally, 100% personally recommended.



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