Where should I stay in Siracusa in Sicily?

Where should I stay in Siracusa in Sicily?

First time visitors and therefore unfamiliar with Sicily, and faced with a slew of similar looking hotels on the many internet sites we browsed, we were more than a little spoiled for choice, and ended up getting thoroughly confused.

One hotel, however, stood out from the bunch.  Because it is a convent.

And so we took the plunge and discovered the wonderful, unbelievably charming “Domus Marae.”

With a brilliant location right on the sea, charming gentle staff, on-street parking, a lift, lovely rooms and – oh joy of joys –  an “in house” chapel, this delightful hotel was a true find.

We opted for B & B, and most mornings the local bishop had his breakfast at his own little corner table, adding to the distinctly different feel to the place.

There was a delightful sense of peace and serenity about the “Domus Marae”, in large part induced by the classical music gently playing in the background.

Personally and highly recommended.

The entrance :


The view from our room.




The delightful “in-house” chapel:


The breakfast room



Night view of the annexe, just across the tiny cobbled street.  This is literally a stone’s throw away.



The entrance to the pretty Domus Marae at night :



I admit to being enchanted by the chapel, and would push open the unlocked door and just go and sit there, all alone amidst such gilded splendour.


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