My favourite moments of “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”

My favourite moments of “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”

What a fun movie, and despite its length (3 hours 7 minutes) time didn’t drag

Disclosure time : I have a vested interest in the movie, she states a tad grandiosely, since I was a blink & you miss extra in the crowd scene in Melbourne, so obviously I wanted to see the final product.

Well, what self-respecting extra wouldn’t?

I enjoyed the film very much, and I think the team and I did a good job (oooh, I AM enjoying this!)

Anyway, seriously, what were my favourite moments?

1) Anything involving the fabulous Farhan Akhtar without his shirt on.

And there are lots of such moments, so that’s all well and good.

Have a dekko:




There is a serious amount of footage of him in the male equivalent of the wet sari number, I guess – namely the clinging T shirt number – and though I could have done without the images of him wringing the sweat out into mugs and buckets, the fact remains that the sweat was the result of all those clingy T short moments…

Joking aside, what a physique this actor has.  I thought he was fabulous, and looked every inch the part of a Sikh.  His year + of intense training worked.  He looks every inch a top class athlete.

And by the way, is it me, or does Farhan Akhtar look more and like the real Milkha Singh as the movie progresses?


2) The boy who plays young Milkha – Jabtej Singh – is fabulous.  A smile to die for and a great little actor.  That child is a natural.



3) Sonam Kapoor is so pretty and dresses so beautifully, and please, please, please can I have that lovely red outfit with the white flowery dupatta –  very chintzy looking prints, almost Liberty-esque.  Gorgeous.

4) Since I loved Meesha Shafi in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, I was happy to see her again, looking every inch the Parsi swimmer.



5) Loved seeing Ladakh.  Am off there tomorrow, as it so happens, on a high altitude trek and climb, but seeing Farhan Akhtar sprinting up such steep slopes did rather shake whatever self-confidence I had in my own pre-trek fitness…here he is running, dragging a whacking great tyre behind him…


So there you go.

Good film.

Made me cry.  The Partition sections were done very well, I thought. Graphic and moving.

And I managed not to blink at the moment when I flashed across the screen in a nano-second.

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