Quick update on Back to Fitness physiotherapists, New Delhi, India

Quick update on Back to Fitness physiotherapists, New Delhi, India

I had reviewed this efficient New Delhi physio practice back in 2011, and have told many people about them.

After helping me get over some of the pain in my ageing knees back in 2011, I promptly stopped doing my exercises (please tell me I am not alone in this).  Fast forward some 18 months and I start pre-trek panicking.  Having committed to a high altitude trek in Ladakh later this month, I went back to Back to Fitness, crying for help to get super fit in a matter of weeks.

I was received with much kindness, and a certain degree of resigned irony, as I fessed up to not having exercised, not having trained, not having followed all their good advice.  And yes, I was still wearing the same beaten up trainers from before (I tell you, these guys don’t miss a trick).

Then we got down to business.

My physio, the ever cheerful, tennis mad Vish, puts me through my paces 3 times a week, and follows up regularly to check on possible aches and pains after our sessions.  He emails me exercises, encourages me, and also checks on how much I am walking, whether I am wearing my ankle weights to train –  basically, keeping an eye on me even when our sessions are over.

Very professional. And also very encouraging.

All the comments from my earlier review stand.

Just the prices have increased a little.



Wholeheartedly & personally recommended.


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