Manzella trekking gloves

Manzella trekking gloves

Having just returned less than a week ago from my first ever “proper” climb in the Ladkh region of India, my mind (and heart and soul, if I’m being honest) – everything is still very mountain focused, so this is an ideal time to review the equipment I used on this tough trek and 600+m climb.

To counter the harsh Ladakhi sun, I had brought along my trusty old Chinese silk gloves from the year dot, and which have seen me to the top of Kilimanjaor x 2, and to Everest Base Camp, but this was to be their last trip.  They shredded visibly before my eyes, each time they came in contact with any Velcro.

I had thick gloves and mitts for the ascent, but these were all too hot for the approach trek.

A fellow climber kindly offered me the use of a brand new pair of gloves he had just bought in the US, and here they are – the amazing Manzella Power Stretch TouchTip gloves which I can now heartily recommend.  They were a touch warm on the lower slopes, but the great thing about them was the amazing pads in the 2 x thumbs and 2 x forefingers of the gloves which allow you to use a touch screen or operate your phone with gloves on.

Am a total convert and after returning these gloves, with grateful thanks, to my friend, I will instantly order a pair online.

For my next big adventure.

As it happened, I didn’t use my iPhone at altitude that much – in the total absence of any signal – but for those moments when I used the phone to make a short video clip, these gloves were great.

These gloves came from REI in the US but after checking out I see these amazing gloves are available in a whole range of styles and colours, so clearly there will have to be another adventure soon, just so I can buy them.

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