Yak cheese heaven in Leh

Yak cheese heaven in Leh

We had been told that Gesmo’s is THE place in Leh for yak cheese, so 9 of us duly headed there for dinner one night.
Gesmo’s is one of those brilliant, typical hill-country places, serving casual food and selling bread and amazing looking pastries,¬†with great fast, efficient service, and filled with an eclectic mix of clients – read young, vaguely-hippy foreigners galore, and a few Indians (our party).
Within seconds of our arrival, on a busy July evening, 2 French guests had been seamlessly moved from one table to another, the back door had been closed to make more space, and 2 large tables pushed together to accommodate our group.

Our young Ladakhi waiter was one of the most polished I have met anywhere, with flawless English and a nice line in gentle put-me-downs.

The yak cheese pizzas were delicious, large, very filling, but (if I am being 100% honest) I wouldn’t have known it was yak cheese – as in there was no distinctive taste other than nice, tangy cheese.


The thukpa was declared delicious – and again, look at the generous serving :


And this (Israeli?) dish Рbelow Рthat hubby dearest and another friend ate was apparently good but oh-so-filling, they said.  You really cannot complain about portion sizes at Gesmo:


Nice casual, relaxed place.

And they also sell yak cheese, as well as serving it in all its avatars, so all in all Gesmo is pretty much yak cheese heaven.


We paid our own bill (Rs2000 for 9…not bad)

I didn’t tell them I blogged or reviewed restaurants.

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