Hong Kong Ballet

Hong Kong Ballet

On a recent trip to Hong Kong at the end of August/early September, my daughter and I (both balletomanes of note) were thrilled to be able to see a performance of “Swan Lake” by the Hong Kong Ballet.

It was the first time either of us had seen this company perform and what a pleasure it was.  We live in India, so are are completely starved of ballet, and with a classic like “Swan Lake” to boot, it was an afternoon to savour.

The dancing was excellent, and the corps de ballet could not be faulted.  Such co-ordinated precision, not a hair out of place, which made for a visual treat of the first order.

What was lovely about this performance was that it was traditional to a tee, which, when you are deprived of ballet, is exactly as it should be.  The (recorded) music washed over us, the dancing was perfect, and the matinee audience of lots of yummy mummies and little girls in frilly pink was delightful.  There were even a few little girls in tutus, and during the intervals, much twirling and pointing of pink-shod feet took place. (Guaranteed to feed the nostalgia!)

We went to the matinée on the 1st, and our cast was as below:

swan lake

Wu Fei Fei was very good as Odette and truly outstanding as Odile, absolutely fabulous.

In Act III,  Candice Adea as the Italian princess was a delight, and Kostyantyn Keshyshew (Prince Siegfried) was excellent.  Leung Chun Long, who danced in the Pas de Quatre in Act I, is a talent to be watched.

After the noisy anarchy of Indian audiences, the crowd was a model of good behaviour.  Quiet, on time, appreciative, phones off, no talking, no texting, no leaving before the end of the performance…

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