My favourite moments of “Rush”

My favourite moments of “Rush”

I read a review of “Rush” when it had just opened, where the reviewer –  obviously a child – talked about the glory days of the far-off 1970s or some such turn of phrase.  The retro look and feel of the film was praised.  The word “vintage” might even have crept in.

Way to make me feel ancient.

The 70s were my youth, for goodness sake.  My student days.  My living-in-crummy-flats days.  My starting-to-work-and-earn-a-salary days.

I was at the 1976 British Grand Prix when James Hunt won.

I remember dancing in a Madrid street later that year when we heard that he had just won the Formula 1 World Championship. (Yes.  Dancing in the street.  Really)

So none of this retro-vintage-glory days malarkey for me, thank you very much.


Having said that, my favourite moments do include some retro-golden-old-ey moments…and here they are:


1) I really and truly did love the retro feel to “Rush.”  Fabulous recreation of a fabulous time.


2) One forgets how much simpler life/things/stuff was back then.  So yes, why wouldn’t a photographer lie on the grass verge, right next to the track, trying to get a better photo?  ‘elf ‘n safety ?  What’s that?

3)  Those Italians when Niki Lauda drives their car are brilliant.  Couldn’t find an image of it to share with you, but this one (below) was the start of the whole delightful sequence.


4) The photography at the beginning of the Japanese Grand Prix is stunning.  The sense of menace hanging over the circuit, with the rain lashing down.  Brilliant stuff.

5) I loved the way Niki Lauda became more likeable throughout the movie, changed forever by his accident and his crazy courage.

6) The post-accident Lauda was a triumph of make up/prosthetic make-up.

7) Daniel Bruhl is fabulous.  And startlingly like Niki Lauda.

6) Chris Hemsworth is even better looking than James Hunt was.



8)  Loved the clothes, which reminded me of, well, yes, let me say it, my youth…All those halter neck dresses, and girls wearing long dresses during the day.  I know I certainly did, floating round in long Laura Ashley frocks…

And you know something else ? I had a white Formula One-y shirt, with the Marlboro logo, and trendy epaulette-y things and I really thought I looked the bee’s knees.


So yes, great movie.

Loved it.  Was gripped by the storyline and the action. Even though I knew the outcome.

Seriously, how good must a film be, to keep you on the edge of the seat watching a race that you actually watched in real life ?  The ultimate reel vs real stuff.

And OK, yes, the retro feel and the vintage look were absolutely spot on.





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