Monet exhibition in Shanghai

For anyone lucky enough to be on holiday in Shanghai (as we are) or to live here, then the Monet exhibition at K11 should be on your absolutely, Not To Be Missed,  Must Do list.

The selection of paintings gives a very logical and comprehensive overview of the work not only of Claude Monet but also many of his contemporaries, and what is extraordinary about this exhibition is the fact that you can get so close to the works of art, and – if you choose your timing wisely – actually have the luxury of standing there for as long as you like.

Resigned to the massive crowds at exhibitions in Europe, as well as the need to book a time slot and queue and the whole palaver, to walk into the Monet exhibition in Shanghai, amidst a thin crowd, is little short of magic.
When we went to check the opening times, on a weekend, the charming youngsters on duty (good English) advised us, if we could, to come back on a weekday, when the crowds are less.

Which is what we did.

Minimal security, though if you lean too close to a canvas a warning monitor goes off. There are guards in every room but they are the opposite of officious. Attentive but very low-key.
Photography is prohibited, yet lots of people were taking with their mobiles, so yes, guilty by association.

To stand alone in front of this masterpiece, below, is truly a wonderful moment…


Admission costs Yuan 100 or – quick honest drumroll – half price if you are officially old. As I am.

It’s the first time I have ever owned up to being old in order to get an OAP admission, and it didn’t feel that bad, to be honest. The young girl asked for my ID, and scrutinised it carefully, so be sure to carry age proof. I used my Indian driving licence, which worked just fine.



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