Where to stay near Tadoba National Park, India

Where to stay near Tadoba National Park, India

Last month we went to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra for the first time.  We were a group of 6, all first-timers to the park (which is an amazing, super well-maintained park, by the way) and so, naturally, to the lodge.  I did quite a few blog posts about our stunning tiger sightings in Tadoba, many of them a series of photos leading up to one of the most dramatic wildlife encounters I have ever witnessed.We stayed at Svasara, a delightful lodge not even 200 metres from one of the park gates.  I did a quick initial blog post about it while we were there, on a warm dozing-in-the-sun kind of afternoon, but now let me review the lodge properly for you.

Svasara is charming, super efficiently run, with extremely helpful staff and a myriad lovely touches – as if a welcome cooling, damp towel after a dusty game drive isn’t enough, think someone dusting off your coat for you.

And your hat.

And your camera bag.

Serious service, that.

See, here you go, hubby’s jacket being brushed down after a game drive.

This is most definitely a first for me!

The lodge is sort of in 2 parts – a row of identical modern rooms, with all mod cons, and though very comfortable indeed (more anon), not particularly game-lodgey-y in feel.

The little lobby

And then there’s the eating area, called the Teak House which is brilliant, rustic, charming – every adjective you can think of, basically.

Rooms first.

Large, with excellent air-conditioning, which even in February was welcome, so I can only imagine that in the heat of May is would be beyond indispensable.

Nice large bathroom with ample water, good powerful shower.

TV.  Loads of storage space.

And, something that we all commented on, excellent lighting, especially bedside reading lights.

I hadn’t realised that I am not alone, in despairing of hotels where the bedside light is so dim you cannot read.




The great reading light!


There were lots of nice touches.  This tray (below) was well-stocked and regularly replenished.


And I liked the thoughtful touch of a torch and batteries on the bedside table.

There is a pretty vegetable and herb garden surrounding the dining area, where, I have to say, we ate well.





Great service.

Personally recommended.

I did not tell them that I blogged and we paid our own way.

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