What is a good, really strong iPhone case?

What is a good, really strong iPhone case?


In a word.

And why do I say this?

I broke my thumb in a recent running accident.  My Skech-protected iPhone 5 emerged almost unscathed.  Is that proof enough?

Since my poor phone went flying from my about-to-be-broken hand as I fell, the fact that it survived intact is a good enough testimonial for me.


When I got my lovely iPhone 5 for Christmas, my son gave me a Skech cover, muttering something along the lines of “no expense spared for you, Mum.  This case is expensive but will protect your phone.”

I think I may have demurred at its simple looks, secretly wanting something a tad more gimmicky.  You know those “Keep calm and…” kind of cases…

But Hari was adamant.

A Skech would protect my brand new phone.

Fast forward about 2 months, and the little protective thing that goes over the on/off button came off.  Not that sturdy then.  Hari confirmed that the same thing had happened to his Skech case.  I started a complaint procedure (which I may now need to amend).

Serious fast forward to last weekend, a mere 3 1/2 months after Xmas, when I fell in a rather bloody messy tangle while out running in a Delhi forest.  I was holding my phone –  timer/GPS on and all that running malarkey –  and it went flying from my hand, and I obviously feared the worst.

This was the worst :


Scratches at the bottom where my poor phone hit the track, but no major damage. To the phone.  I broke my thumb, remember…

(And you can see in the top right hand corner where the thingamajig is missing.)

I immediately ordered a new Skech cover, albeit in a slightly jazzier colour, because I am now convinced.


Personally recommended.

I bought mine from eBay, but their website will tell you where you can buy these sturdy products.


Hmmmm….while checking their website just now, prior to adding their address, I saw that they have lovely armband covers for iPhones…might make more sense…


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