Clock Heaven in South Africa

Clock Heaven in South Africa

For years, Dullstroom has been a constant fixture on our drives to the Kruger Park.

We always stop there.

We always eat there.

And we always shop there.

From a pretty but small stop-over in the late 1990s, we have seen Dullstroom grow into an increasingly sophisticated little place, complete with smart shops and smart places to eat.

One of the fun shops we always visit in Dullstroom is The Clock Shop, which sells clocks (obviously) but in quantities you never knew existed, in every shape, size, design and colour of the rainbow.

To wit :South Africa_Dullstroom_9972

South Africa_Dullstroom_9974

There are theme-based clocks, whether you prefer horses:

South Africa_Dullstroom_9969

Or music…South Africa_Dullstroom_9970

South Africa_Dullstroom_9971


South Africa_Dullstroom_9978

South Africa_Dullstroom_9979

There really is something to suit every taste and budget, from cheap ‘n cheerful, to kitschy, as well as seriously expensive.

By expensive, think fabulous old grandfather clocks:

South Africa_Dullstroom_9983

South Africa_Dullstroom_9984

There are some clever designs:

South Africa_Dullstroom_9980

South Africa_Dullstroom_9981

South Africa_Dullstroom_9986

There is a repair shop :South Africa_Dullstroom_9982

So yes, all in all, pretty much clock heaven, I’d say.

South Africa_Dullstroom_9989

South Africa_Dullstroom_9987

Oh come on, watch the video clip below, and then tell me – who doesn’t secretly rather like a cuckoo clock?

This is what we bought last month in The Clock Shop :

bird clock

We bought the bird song version, which I promptly hung up in my Delhi study, and once an hour I am transported back to Africa.

The shop is on the main street.  Just ask anyone where it is.  It’s that kind of place.

We paid for my lovely clock, by the way, and no-one knew that I blog & write reviews.

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