Gorgeous DOSAIL bags in Shanghai

Gorgeous DOSAIL bags in Shanghai

If I describe myself as a bag lady, it might conjure up the wrong kind of image, so I’ll rephrase that statement shall I, and rather say that I absolutely love handbags.

So, when on a holiday in Shanghai in March this year, I came across an amazing boutique (with an even more amazing name) I was in handbag heaven.


I give you “Dosail”.  A range of luscious bags manufactured by the fabulously named Shanghai Dreamlike Fashion Industrial Co. Ltd


Dosail 3




I was restrained and bought “only” two.  One for myself and one for daughter dearest, but left to myself in a no-limit-to-shopping-budget-world, I would have gone crazy and shopped up the proverbial.

These were our 2 bags…

IMG_0513 1

Dosail 2


IMG_0514 1


There is a huge range of bags for sale, prices are steep-ish but there appears to be a 15% standard discount if you haggle, which I did.

Dosail 6


Between my limited Mandarin and the assistant’s equally limited English, I understood that the bags are pre-waterproofed.  Each bag I looked at, they would instantly pour some water onto the canvas, so I presume it’s true.

Personally recommended –  I put my money where my mouth is!

I have had so many compliments on the bag since I got back to Delhi, which is always nice.

Obviously I didn’t tell them I blog or write reviews (hey, I battled enough with getting a discount, so there was no way I was going to try and go down the blogging vocabulary route…)

But I do so love my bag, and on a return visit to Shanghai, will be making a bee line for the closest Dosail shop.

They have a website which is only so-so (has a translate button for bits of it) but you do get to see some photos.





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